The Platinum Select Collection of Swiss-made Wrist Watches

The Swiss-made Platinum Select Collection by Invicta watches is gaining popularity in the watch industry. For watch lovers on a tight budget, the line has high-quality, long-lasting, and affordable timepieces.

Like Invicta, wants to win customer's trust by selling authentic, high-quality timepieces at affordable prices with warranties and original packaging.

Swiss-made Platinum watches are handcrafted and of the highest quality. Swiss-made Platinum watches meet these standards. Invicta's most cutting-edge watches are in the Platinum Select Collection. Swiss-made Invicta watches. 

The Platinum Select Collection is a line of high-quality Swiss-made wristwatches whose cases and dials are plated with 18K white gold or rose gold.

The Platinum Select Collection of Swiss-made wristwatches is renowned for their durability and elegance. It is not surprising that so many celebrities have been spotted wearing this fashionable watch. Consider the following celebrities who own timepieces from this collection.

Watches from the Reserve Series, Akula Series, Coalition Forces Series, and Wildflower Series are made in Switzerland and are part of the Platinum Select Collection for women. Each watch has a tag that says "Swiss-Made" to show how well-made it is. 

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The Invicta Pro Diver watches are the brand's most well-known product, and for good reason: they offer outstanding quality and durability at a price point that almost anyone can afford. has an extremely comprehensive selection of Invicta Pro Diver Series timepieces. This online watch store in the United States has a large selection of Swiss-made watches from which you can choose your favorite.


Check out some of the Invicta watches on the website if you like big, heavy watches with wilder designs.  You can expect prices that can't be beat and great customer service after the sale. When you first sign up and make a purchase, you will start getting discounts right away.

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