10 Citizen Watches that are built to last a lifetime

The three main qualities one should search for in a watch are excellent craftsmanship, longevity, and price. In order to create watches that combine precise timekeeping and support the individual lifestyle, Citizen invests much in ongoing research and development.

Citizen watches price is budgeted appropriately and covers a variety of forms, shapes, and patterns in its timepieces. Citizens invented the well-known Eco-Drive movement. A Citizen watch blurs the line between cost and quality and is made to last for more than ten years, offering a variety of collections like the Citizen gold watch, the Citizen metal watch, and the Citizen ceramic watch.

Here is a list of the top 10 Citizen watches to pick from if you're seeking classy timepieces at a low price

Citizen watches will become enticing to purchase thanks to Eco-Drive technology, which enhances everything from the futuristic dial to the whole wrist presence. With this watch, you may avoid the inconvenience of battery changes because Eco-Drive relies on light, which has a very specific appearance. The Eco-drive movement, which is paired with a sturdy titanium strap, provides exceptional chronometric performance. A mineral glass shields the dial, which is water-resistant up to 50m.

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Citizen Eco-Drive AW2020-82L

The Satellite Wave collection of Citizen watches for men features cutting-edge GPS technology and a subtly sophisticated touch. In order to display the precise time based on your location, it connects your timepiece to satellites in Earth's orbit. This Citizen watch embodies everything classy about Pilot watches, including the 24-hour timer feature, alarm, perpetual calendar, and spinning slide rule bezel.


Citizen Satellite Wave CC5006-06L



Show off your machismo with this vintage Citizen analogue watch. This Eco-Drive Citizen watch is encased in a 41mm casing with sapphire glass protection, making it ideal for casual attire. This sophisticated timepiece features World Time In 26 Cities, an alarm, three subdials, a date display window, and a warning for low battery power. This Citizen watch is made to give you a dapper look, making it the ideal addition to a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

Citizen Eco-Drive BX1001-89L

The Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-GPS is a powerhouse with GPS timekeeping technology, a global reception area, and a reasonable Citizen watches price. It ought to be the newest addition to any wardrobe. This watch combines style and functionality. It boasts the fastest timekeeping reception in the world, which may happen in as little as three seconds. It also includes a perpetual calendar and a globe timer that displays 40 distinct time zones.



This Citizen Eco-Drive Watch, which features a potent Eco-Drive movement, is a perennial favorite among watch collectors. This 44mm Citizen black dial watch for men, which exudes a stunning grace and a touch of masculinity, has bold tick markings at 5-minute intervals, plain three hands, three sub-dials, Caliber: E820, a date display window, and a tachymeter.

Citizen Brycen BL5567-57E


With the Citizen Rose Gold watch, you can instantly add a touch of appeal and sophistication to your appearance and dazzle like a diva. Wear this classy Citizen automatic watch that is protected by Mineral Crystal glass and crystal angels. This modest watch features a rose gold face that is so plain it nearly seems romantic.

Citizen Automatic NH8373-88A

With this Citizen analog watch, steal the show. The stunning clock from Citizen watches for women features a mother-of-pearl round dial shielded by sapphire glass and Mineral Crystals and is made to amaze everyone in the room. The watch has an ultra-modern Eco-Drive movement and a silver-colored stainless steel Citizen watch band that fits snugly around the wrist.


Citizen analog watch



This Citizen watch, with its silver round dial and stainless steel casing, is made for women who enjoy wearing their grace with flair. This Citizen classic watch blends svelte design and fine practicality. It features three hands, sticks markings at 5-minute intervals, and numerical markings at the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and  12th hours.

Citizen Eco-Drive FE7078-93A

Experience amazing sparkle with women's Citizen timepieces. The exceptional Eco-Drive movement powers this Citizen watch for ladies, and a mineral glass protects the distinctive brown dial. Additionally, the stainless steel band has a silver color that draws attention anytime the watch is worn.

Citizen Eco-Drive EM0526-88X


Wear one of the Citizen luxury watches from the Swarovski collection line for a timepiece that will last for decades. This Citizen watch's traditional round dial is protected by sapphire glass, and the Quartz movement powers the watch's mechanisms. The steel strap is comfortable to wear and has a seductive silver color.

Citizen Swarovski EV0040-59A


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