A Tissot Watch: Worth The Price?

Tissot is a household name and a major player in the watch business. Many watch enthusiasts, though, wonder if it's even worthwhile to invest in a Tissot. Tissot was established in 1853 in the Swiss town of Le Locle. Many of the most prestigious Swiss watch companies have their roots in this region, earning it the nickname "the home of Swiss watchmaking." Tissot's origins can be traced back to the production of pocket timepieces; the company still makes several of its original models today. The company has been making watches for decades, and throughout the years it has expanded its product line to include options for every type of watch enthusiast. If you have ever wondered if a Tissot watch is worthwhile, read on for five arguments in favour of adding one to your collection.

Reasons to Purchasing a Tissot Watch

1. Tissot is a well-known Swiss premium brand.

Perhaps the oldest and most well-known watchmaker is Tissot. The origin of the brand is a region of Switzerland that has a long and illustrious history of creating high-quality timepieces. Tissot's involvement with such a prestigious organisation serves to further boost the status of the timepiece brand. For these reasons, many watch collectors prize Tissot models.


This beautiful Tissot watch for women comes in a chic two-tone style. Silver in colour, the dial has a textured bezel. It features a date window and rose gold Roman numeral and baton hour markers. The dial is set off by a rose gold-tone bezel and protected by a stainless steel casing. The automatic movement that drives this clock is housed in this 32mm casing. The watch can run on its own power for up to 80 hours thanks to its mechanism. The watch is fastened to the wearer's wrist with a stainless steel band featuring a design in silver and rose gold. Aside from looking great, this model is also quite functional, as it can withstand water pressure from a depth of up to 50 metres.

2. the wristwatches are cheap.

Tissot takes great satisfaction in making high quality products that are accessible to a wide range of customers. The watches from this manufacturer are very reasonably priced for what you get. Due to this, Tissot watches are a fantastic investment for the collector who wants to expand his or her collection without spending a fortune.

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This watch's black color scheme makes it quite flexible in terms of how it can be worn. The chronograph has three sub-dials and a date window shown on the black dial. Large batons and digits decorate the dial, making it simple to read the time at a glance. The dial is surrounded by a black face and framed by a black stainless steel casing. In here is the watch's quartz movement, which keeps the time. This model's style is finished off with a timeless black strap that can be worn with anything.

3. Tissot wristwatches make exceptional entry-level timepieces.

Because of their reasonable price tags, Tissot timepieces are a fantastic option for beginners. The name is well-known over the world and will be instantly recognisable to any wristwatch enthusiast. If you're just beginning out in the hobby of collecting watches, it can be wise to start with a more reasonably priced item until you figure out what it is you're looking for in a timepiece. As an entry-level watch brand, Tissot provides excellent value in the form of high-quality models at a reasonable price.

One of the most well-known watches made by Tissot is the PRX. People love it because of how well it goes with any aesthetic, thanks to its minimalistic and adaptable design. The green dial gives this model a contemporary edge. The use of green dials has exploded in popularity this year and is expected to become a mainstay in the collections of many watch manufacturers. This timepiece has silver hands and indexes and a date window set within a silver dial. The model's endurance stems in part from the fact that its sensitive components are shielded by sapphire glass. This watch is powered by an automatic movement and features a stainless steel case. The watch's outstanding 80-hour power reserve is provided by the movement inside. A classic stainless steel bracelet finishes off the watch.

3. Tissot always ever employs the best components.

Tissot only uses high-quality components in their watches. Over the years, the company has tried a wide variety of materials, from wood to stone. What this implies is that Tissot has figured out which components work together to provide the most reliable and durable watches. Generally speaking, a watch made with high-quality materials will serve its owner for many years to come.

This is one of Tissot's most high-end women's watches. This variant has a bezel made from genuine 18k rose gold. This adds a touch of sophistication and class to the otherwise opulent timepiece. Due of its attractive pink colour, rose gold is a popular metal choice. The quartz movement that powers this watch is protected inside the sturdy stainless steel casing. The 33mm diameter of its case makes it a lightweight and refined option for your wrist. A sleek black leather band holds the watch snugly to the wrist, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

5. Tissot has a wide selection of styles.

To put it simply, Tissot makes timepieces for everyone. The label produces a variety of timepieces, including those for dress, diving, sports, and smartwatches. All of the timepieces are expertly crafted to perform their designated functions accurately and reliably. Because of this extensive selection, every watch enthusiast may choose the perfect Tissot to add to their collection.

The Tissot Seastar 2000 is a line of timepieces that can withstand depths of up to 600 metres of water (60 bar). Given its exceptional resistance to water, this model is a top pick for both experienced and novice scuba divers. The dial of this watch is a sleek black gradient, and it boasts a subtle wave-like pattern. The dial features bright hands and indices that are accented with gold. The dial is held in place by a revolving black ceramic bezel. Due to its low weight and high durability, ceramic is a great option for watch cases. A black silicone band completes the look of the watch. This strap is designed to be worn for extended periods of time, even when wet or submerged in water, without becoming uncomfortable. The watch's automated movement allows it to run for up to 80 hours on a single charge.

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