An Instruction Manual for the Citizen Watch

Citizen is a popular Japanese watch brand recognized for its high-quality construction, durable materials, stringent quality control, and surprisingly low prices.

They are also well-known for their technological advancements in the watch industry. When compared to Seiko, another Japanese watchmaker, they are on par in terms of pushing the boundaries of the field through innovation and experimentation.

Among quartz-crystal wristwatches, the Citizen Chronomaster line is widely considered to be the most precise. Amazingly, after a full year of use, they are only off by 5 seconds.

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And in 1959, they introduced the Para water, the first Japanese watch to be completely submersible. A few decades later, they released the 1300m Professional Diver's watch, which was the most pressure-resistant wristwatch on the market at the time.

But the Eco-Fuel is the one that has gotten the most attention, and it is the Eco-Drive that continues to drive Citizen's popularity and acclaim among the most devoted collectors of high-end timepieces in the modern era.

Eco-Drive is a solar-powered mechanism that converts light into energy and is housed beneath the dial. With this, the watches can keep ticking endlessly. That is, so long as there is sufficient light to maintain a charge.

It's a green and practical invention that uses a common element to power a watch so the user never needs to wind it or swap out batteries.

Probably the most mind-boggling thing about developments like the Eco-Drive is that Citizen has been able to mass-produce and distribute imaginative, high-quality watches at surprisingly low rates. It's highly unusual to find one that costs more than $1,000, and you can usually get one for considerably less.

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Check out these in-stock and ready-to-ship Citizen watches for men and women.

Men's Black Dial Paradex Eco-Drive Automatic Watch

The Paradex may be worn on a daily basis and also makes for a dashing dress timepiece. This watch's sleek black face and substantial silver-tone steel casing make it a very adaptable addition to any wardrobe.

citizen paradex BU4010-56E

We are huge fans of the dial's presentation of the date and time. The date and the day of the week are displayed on separate subdials that are horizontally positioned opposite one another. It's a far better use of the dial area than a boring date window.

If we're talking about big things, this 44mm case doesn't even come close. However, the watch's tiny profile on the wrist makes it extremely wearable. Thanks to the Eco-Drive, it is not necessary to include a bulky winding mechanism or battery, therefore the design can be slimmer.

A Silver-Faced Men's Watch with a Powerful Eco-Drive Movement

This entry in the Paradex series is a little bit different than the last one. The dial's distinctive hue undoubtedly caught your eye right away, but that's not all. The subdials on this one are vertically aligned instead of horizontally.

Additionally, a 24-hour clock now appears on the dial that previously indicated the day. You can more easily tell day from night and use military time, but you'll have to keep track of the days of the week yourself.

The dial is a beautiful silvery steel that has been polished to a mirror finish. The white dial is more "dressy" than the black one, in our opinion, but it may still be worn casually.

Despite its huge appearance, the case is only 43mm in diameter, while the black dial version is 44mm. This is so because it conforms to the bezel's specifications rather than sticking out past them.

Citizen Blue Eco-Drive Chronograph Gents' Watch

This stunning chronograph should allay any concerns you may have had regarding the efficacy of the Eco-Drive.

Citizen's solar technology powers the watch's chronograph functions and three additional subdials. Moreover, this is in addition to the main dial's three hands and the date aperture.

When it comes to the dial, we can't get over how gorgeous the blue gradient is. The black bezel border really brings out the blue face and the red accents in the hands and in the first quarter of the bezel.

The legendary quality assurance and construction of Citizen watches will be put to the test by this timepiece, as you will want to wear it on all your most thrilling expeditions. Such as using the metro in New York City or going grocery shopping on a Sunday during rush hour.

Women's Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch, Model Chandler

That the masters of Japanese wristwear can still dazzle when scaling down is demonstrated by this lovely Chandler.

The spinning bezel with serrated edges almost blends in with the polished steel bracelet, which is the focal point of the watch. This shows how serious the company is about not compromising substance for visual appeal.

Just silver hour markers and a date window stand out against the crisp white background of the dial. The core of the silver-colored hands glows softly.

The Eco-Drive is what makes this possible, despite the tiny form factor of the casing. Please don't bother us with questions about their methods, but know that we applaud their success.

Citizen Jolie Mother-of-pearl diamond dial Watch

Even Citizen occasionally lets loose with a piece that's so breathtakingly opulent it forces you to take a deep breath, and when we laid eyes on this gorgeous Jolie, we had to do just that.

The dial is drenched in the grandeur of pink mother of pearl; it's the stuff of daydreams, full of ethereal feelings. The dial's glittering surface is a perfect partner for the stones set into the hour markers, which together create an enchanting spectacle. These skeleton hands look so fragile that they hardly make a sound as they tick over the hours.

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