SevenFriday watches changing our understanding of "Swiss-made".

SevenFriday is one such splitting brand that has taken the watch industry by storm. Curiosity draws you to its uncommon design language and helps you comprehend how the attraction of SevenFriday watches has been driven into the stratosphere thanks to its exponentially rising internet presence.

One's lifestyle, social standing, attitude, and, most importantly, mood may all be read in the timepiece one chooses to wear. A person's choice of a timepiece says something about their taste, priorities, status, and, most significantly, mood.  

The company, founded in 2012 by designer Daniel Niederer, is known for fusing eccentric aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Carpe diem is a Latin expression meaning "seize the day," and the name is a play on that idea. After releasing their first P-Series model in 2012, the company quickly gained a devoted fanbase whose members often took to social media to show off their timepieces, especially on Fridays. SevenFriday has sold more than 76,000 watches with a variety of unique new collections like the M-Series, S-Series, T-Series, V-Series, Q-Series, W-Series, and the Off-Series.

Each watch is designed with care and consideration for the needs of today's modern consumer. The original P1 series, for instance, features a 47mm case that, thanks to its lug-less design, appears smaller on the wrist. All the other collections have eye-catching design features, such as dials with many layers, avant-garde hands, seconds indicators, 24-hour displays, and a view of the watch's balance wheel. 

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Explanation of Why SevenFriday watches Should Be Recognized as a Real Luxury Watch Brand 

Originally established in Switzerland in the 16th century, the intriguing history of the watchmaking industry is well worth exploring. Watches made in Switzerland are commonly associated with superior quality and luxurious design. In contrast, Japan's watch industry is a relatively modern one, dating back to the 20th century. Japanese watchmakers tend to priorities functionality over aesthetics. The Japanese companies saw an opportunity to fill a need in the market for excellent products at a price point previously unexplored: the market for cheap luxury. As a result, there is a strong explanation why SevenFriday watches are so well-liked. Despite deviating from the Swiss design norm and employing Japanese-made Miyota movements, these watches have won over the interest of serious horophiles. 

Following are some of the factors that have contributed to SevenFriday's rise to prominence as a true luxury watch brand and the redefinition of the term "Swiss-made" in the context of timepieces: 


While SevenFriday's utilisation of Japanese Miyota movements may seem like a flaw to purists, it actually serves as a major asset to the company. Even if you don't care about the luxury aspect of a watch, the fact that you can get your hands on one of these movements at a reasonable price makes it a must-have. 


The unconventional SevenFriday watches are easily distinguished by their one-of-a-kind features, such as their heavy 47mm curved square casings, intricately layered dials, unusual "industrial-themed" discs, and spectacular range of bright colours. 


SevenFriday watches are designed to be worn in 'everyday' settings due to their high level of functionality, durability, and affordability. They still have the same prestige as high-end timepieces despite their practicality. 


The watches have been meticulously designed to be profitable for watch collectors. Each watch is individually packaged and numbered. These nuanced improvements are what have solidified SevenFriday's reputation among watch enthusiasts.

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