An overview of the history of Invicta watches

A high-quality watch requires a great deal of expertise and labor and will last for generations. Producing a high-quality timepiece requires significant resources, technical expertise, and expert craftsmanship, all of which contribute to the watch's final price. The American-born Swiss-born watchmaker behind Invicta's cheap luxury watches thinks everyone should look their best. Do you think it's fair to spend so much money on an expensive watch?

Invicta Watches Production

Established in 1837, Invicta is Raphael Picard's brainchild. The name "Invicta" is derived from the Latin word for "invincible," and the watch company has been making headlines in Switzerland ever since it was founded. Growth was steady until the 1970s when the debut of battery-powered timepieces by Japanese corporation Seiko sparked the so-called "Quartz Crisis."

While well-established companies like Omega and Rolex handled the crisis quickly and effectively, smaller companies like Invicta barely made it through. After the crisis, it was difficult for the company to shift its focus from making automatic and artisanal hand-wound clocks. Despite the fact that the Quartz Astron 35SQ helped bring the cost of the watch down, the Swiss high-end watch industry took the worst impact.

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In spite of this, Invicta's bid at a comeback ultimately failed. In 1991, after the brand had been in survival mode for nearly a decade, it was salvaged by investors from the United States. At that point, the focus of the company shifted to meeting consumer demand for low-cost quartz timepieces.


Invicta Watch


Analysis of Construction and Longevity for Quality

The primary concern is whether or not Invicta justifies the cost. Even though everyone who wears a watch has wondered the same thing, Invicta stands out in a big way because of its new focus. Therefore, thinking about how long it will last is essential.

There's no denying that Invicta produces stylish watches and that many of them have respectable-looking exteriors. Do the watches last as long as other models, despite their outstanding appearance? It's a common complaint about the product. While other brands may charge more for less expensive models, Invicta will appear to offer reasonable quality.

Cases and Dials

There is no need to worry that the watch will let you down within the first few years because you get what you pay for in terms of quality. The sapphire crystal, super scratch resistance, and anti-reflective properties of this brand's dial windows are unmatched in the industry. It claims to be the longest-lasting glass available.

The sapphire dial window is the most difficult to make, although there are other options, such as the flame fusion window and the mineral crystal window. Occasionally, but frequently, the stainless steel casings of Invicta watches will be paired with a silicone or rubber bezel.


Invicta Watch


Most Invicta watches have water-resistant construction, which is especially important for divers. The screwed-down crowns are an essential part of the timing mechanism because they prevent water from entering the mechanism. The line features transparent case backs as standard, allowing for an inspection of the mechanism from the inside. If skeleton watches are your thing, you'll want to check out the Invicta collections.

Holding On To Straps And Dancing With a Sense of Precision

All Invicta models come with a variety of bands, the most popular of which is stainless steel because of its durability and versatility. The strap, often leather with a Crocodile pattern because that's what the brand is known for, is also classy and well-known.

The rubber/silicone band is another extremely long-lasting band that is commonly seen in the sports and outdoor industries. Titanium bracelets are the premium brand, but they are also the most expensive. One under $200 is still possible to find. Among the many things that have drawn attention to Invicta watches is the quality of its movements.


Invicta Watch


In the eyes of some watch aficionados, Invicta's problems stem from a lackluster training program, while others place no blame there. Both automatic and quartz movements are used by the Invicta brand. Invicta timepieces are frequently made by trusted manufacturers outside of the company. Invicta does not produce its own movement, but rather depends on movement from China, as I have mentioned.

Miyota and Seiko are the go-to girls for action among the Japanese. Sellita, ETA, and Ronda are just some of the Swiss manufacturers whose collections are featured. It comes with the usual long life of the brand's watches and the reliable precision of Swiss or Japanese movements, especially considering the low price. The normal accuracy of one of its quartz timepieces is within 15 seconds every month.

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