SevenFriday M-Series Luxury watches

The rise of SevenFriday to prominence in the watch market is hardly typical. SevenFriday's M-Series watches industrial-inspired pieces of unconventional size, decoration, and capabilities allowing them to easily enter the horological ecology, which is notoriously difficult to enter. SevenFriday's low rates can in part be attributed to the fact that they represent a new kind of luxury that hasn't been burdened down by centuries of customs and conventions. It's been incredibly successful for the company's brand.

The SevenFriday is an inexpensive option for casual attire, and it also provides some unique alternatives for everyday wear. We take a look at the SevenFriday M-Series watches; their design and inspiration to comprehend fully.

SevenFriday M-Series: about intricate patterns and a wide range of textures

The P-Series collection put SevenFriday on the horology map, while the M Series, which came after P, embraces, to the letter, radical methods of disc systems replacing the old three-hand architecture. 

Simple procedure. Time is displayed on three rotating discs. Start with the outermost disc and read from hours to seconds. The Japanese Miyota 8215 movement has a 40-hour power reserve and an open balance wheel for precision timekeeping (+10 seconds/day). The sleek, sporty SevenFriday watches need a trustworthy mechanism.

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SevenFriday watches must be NFC-compatible to deter counterfeiters. Near Field Communication (NFC) chips integrated in watch bases allow authentication via a mobile app. This RFID-derived technology is one end of a wireless link activated by another chip to exchange data through the SevenFriday app. The basic technology is used.

Exactly what makes a watch from SevenFriday's M series the best option?

If you want to generate a conversation and get some positive attention when you wear your watch, the M-Series is a perfect choice. If that's what you were looking for, then you'll love the SevenFriday M Series watches.

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