Meteoritical Invicta Reverse Pro Diver Watch: Perfect Timepiece

Meteoritical Invicta Pro Diver Automatic Left-Handed Watch

Because you guys have such strong opinions regarding Invicta watches, I enjoy writing about them. You guys have a wide range of opinions about Invicta watches; It's true that the quality of Invicta watches varies widely, and the brand offers a wide price range. It's not always equitable to compare two watches with the same name on the dial, such as a $1,000 Invicta and a $50 Invicta.

In this case, we have one of their "Invicta Reserve" models, which is ostensibly their most expensive timepiece and contains a Swiss-made movement and other, more interesting upgrades. Model J401063 has a lot of letters in its name, but it also offers a lot of neat features.

The Invicta Reserve Men's Pro Diver Swiss Automatic Lefty Meteorite Dial Bracelet Watch in black on black features a "diver's casing." Many of Invicta's new pieces come with what appear to be Pelican-style cases, seemingly mimicking a strategic move made by Bathys a few years back.

Because of the meteorite dial on the Pro Diver Meteorite, I was immediately intrigued by it. Meteorite clocks are a special interest of mine. Upon first glance, this watch doesn't seem half awful, does it? Of course not, but like other Invicta products, it's huge. The black steel case is a massive 55mm in width and 17mm in thickness.

What Invicta means by "strong and macho" Could a bullet be stopped by it? Each bracelet link measures 26 millimeters. Although it gradually thins down to 24mm at the clasp. Put on your finest Paul Hogan impression, complete with bush Fedora, and declare, "That ain't a watch. Here, have a look at this timepiece! Up to 500 meters of water pressure may be withstood by the casing.

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For this purpose, they employ a "Flame Fusion" crystal, which consists of a mineral crystal with a sapphire crystal "fused" on top of it using heat. As a bonus, the name "flame fusion" sounds cool and can provide similar scratch resistance to the sapphire crystal at a lower cost.

There are probably a few other color options besides this all-black one. The dial, made of a meteorite that has been blackened, features Arabic numerals and is quite attractive. However, Invicta might have improved the watch by giving the hands more length.

The Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement's escapement may be viewed through a window in the dial. The crown is located on the left side of the case because of the watch's substantial size. This isn't just for people who are left-handed; it also prevents the crown from poking your hand. It appears that the bezel is not adjustable.

Overall, this is an intriguing Invicta watch for anyone in need of a truly massive timepiece. It would have been nice if this watch were 45mm broad. The Invicta watches are entertaining in a goofy, absurdist sort of way.

They make a bold fashion statement every time you see someone wearing them. They are not as high-quality as the Swiss classics, but they are far more affordable. The Invicta Reserve Pro Diver's price tag is the last comical detail.

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