The Best Invicta Watches You Can Purchase

Comparing Invicta to other companies that make "fashion watches," Invicta is a major player in the watch industry. Because they are made as simple accessories for clients who are not particularly interested in or educated about watches and their complexity, they include bold styles and high-quality timepieces.

The Swiss Originated Invicta

Invicta was founded in Switzerland but is now owned by Americans and has its headquarters in Florida. Raphael Ricard founded the business in Switzerland in 1837 with the goal of providing affluent Europeans with high-quality mechanical watches.

Before the Swiss watch industry was completely destroyed by the Quartz Crisis in 1974–1982, it operated for about 140 years. Japanese battery-powered movements dominated the market. The owners eventually sold the business, although it was a failure.

Invicta Pro-Diver Automatic Men's Watch


The Pro Diver, an extremely affordable homage to the Rolex Submariner, is the most recognised timepiece from Invicta. For less than $200, you can enjoy the excitement of donning a Rolex.

The best-selling item of all time is this one. You might think it's a Rolex at first glance. There are significant differences between the two, though, including the case size, the fact that it is less expensive than a Rolex and lacks a Swiss automatic movement. As a result, it provides exceptional value.

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The Invicta Pro Diver line, which comes in a variety of hues, is likely the most affordable watch the company sells. Invicta did a good job in executing the Pro-Diver overall. The finishing is applied accurately, and the machining is reliable.

The Invicta Pro Diver Automatic Pepsi Bezel Watch

The case diameter of the renowned Pepsi bezel diver Invicta watch is 43mm. This specific design is similar to other Pepsi Diver timepieces made by Seiko, Citizen, and Rolex. A dual-time dive watch with a classical design is the Swiss Made Invicta.

It has a GMT function that tracks a second time zone with the red arrow hand because it shows the military time and is amusing to observe throughout the day.

There is also a Coke bezel watch from the Invicta Pro Diver line, however it has a two-tone bezel made of black and red colours.

Invicta Angel Woman's Watch

On the wrist of any woman, a chic quartz watch from the Angel Collection will look fantastic.

The collection's watches all have stainless steel cases and come in a variety of designs and hues. They added dial accents, brushed and polished surfaces, gold or silver plating, and other decorations to the steel body of the watch. The dials are further adorned with white diamonds or cubic zirconia stones.

Fixed and unidirectional spinning bezels are both present in the group of clocks. The collection's adaptability is demonstrated by the different bracelets made of leather, rubber, steel (one or two-tone), or steel.

Invicta Aviator Quartz is the ideal pilot's watch.


Pilot watches have been around longer than diving watches, and the Invicta Chrono pilot has a busy dial filled with information. Not all Invicta watches are diving watches.

The primary selling point in this case is the layout of the pilot's instrument, which looks like it would be at home in a luxurious cockpit and was made to soar through the air without running into turbulence.

Pilot-style watches are distinguished by their extra dials and digits. These things have historically been used by pilots and others to measure speed, time, and other statistics for their work. Today, the three dials on many pilot watches that make up a chronograph are primarily utilized as timers or stopwatches.

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