The Most Eye-Catching Automatic Watches Available at the Moment

You've probably noticed something strange going on in the watchmaking industry, unless you've been living under a rock. For the first time in what seems like forever, dials with a lot of colour are in style this time of year.

Although "colourful dials" may not seem to represent a change in the market's overall strategy, the way these colours are used (and the nature of the colours themselves) is unusual. Colors, in general, are fads that come and go. They sway up and down. A hue that was stylish once and then fell out of favour will eventually return to fashion. This only occurs with a single colour, not a full spectrum or clearly defined group of colours.

1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Automatic Men's Watch


One of the longest-running lines in the brand's catalogue is the Hamilton Jazzmaster line, which has been operating for decades. In general, one can anticipate finding more standardised, adaptable, and dressier items in this section of the catalogue. The Jazzmaster takes a quieter approach, in contrast to the "American Spirit" line, which frequently allows for experimentation (and cloying romanticism). This makes the deep, inviting burgundy dial of this Thinline Automatic, which is so unique.

That's in addition to the cost. This watch is a deal at $619.99 (a 34% reduction from the suggested retail price of $945). You cannot find anything wrong with an Automatic produced by the Swatch Group that can be serviced and repaired anywhere in the world.

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The ultra-slim ETA 2892 calibre that drives the inner workings of this Thinline Jazzmaster causes it to be 40mm broad and an astounding 8.45mm thick. The bright red dial, however, steals the show. With this option, you may enter the unconventional colour trend on a budget without going overboard with your appearance or your spending.

2. Swatch Original Silver Dial Sistem51 Men's Watch

The cheesy '80s brand is firmly back on the map thanks to the new partnership between Swatch and Omega to create the much-desired 'MoonSwatch. Less than ten years ago, Swatch made an attempt to improve its affordable offering by developing a whole new automatic movement with only 51 parts. This attempt to enhance its offering is what led to the strategic marketing campaign behind the launch of the hype watch of 2022. Enter Sistem51, a wonderful accomplishment that currently doesn't receive the praise it merits.

An stunning Sistem51 automatic Swatch with an all-red band and white dial is available for just $99.99 on, 33% off the suggested retail price. That is an absurdly high price to pay for an automatic watch, let alone one made by one of the most renowned brands in the world and in a distinctive hue.

Yes, this model is a bit of an oddity, as is one other on the list at the bottom. In fact, the dial is the watch's most subduedly coloured component. But in a way, that adds to the beauty of this. The exceptional peripheral winding rotor of the Sistem51 is displayed in the case back view, which also draws attention to the brilliant red plastic case and incredibly comfortable silicone strap. The black lettering and six dots that indicate where the friction-reducing rubies are located in the movement are the only distracting elements on the extremely legible geometrically patterned dial. Overall, this is among the most inexpensive summer watches available. Just be sure to keep it away from the pool because despite the package's generally faultless design, its 30m water resistance makes it effectively splashproof.

3. Invicta Pro Diver Automatic Men's Watch


Let's turn the volume down one or two notches. This watch is the second most affordable on the list (but only because of the unbelievable 81% discount offered by Our Invicta Diver, which retails for $94.95, is less expensive than straps for a few of the models above, but that doesn't make it any less deserving of inclusion on this list of colours!

Even though the SII Caliber NH35A from Seiko, built in Japan, powers this watch, it is nevertheless unbelievably cheap. Although it is not a particularly outstanding movement in and of itself, it is widely used and very well liked because of its durability and reliable timekeeping capabilities.

This watch is certainly not a shrinking violet at 45mm, especially with its bright yellow bezel and dial. In fact, if wearing coloured timepieces is all about attracting attention, there isn't much you could do better than sticking with this design. Its 100m water resistance is more than enough for you to just strap it on and go. With this automatic dive watch, you can have more "fun" for your money than with most other options.

4. Casio Baby G Quartz Digital Ladies Watch


How could a list of the top colourful watches available right now be complete without bringing up Casio? Yes, that is a little amusing. Yes, I'm finishing on two consecutive quartz watches. Yes, baby pink is back, but this time there is even more of it! The case of this watch has a charming baby pink "marl" effect that makes it appear to be made of tweed, one of the hottest materials in the world, even though it is actually made of silk, one of the cooler materials.

Although the resin casing and strap won't appeal to everyone, they are ideal for the upcoming hot summer months. A major plus for this watch's "GADA" (Go Anywhere, Do Anything) credentials is its water resistance of 200 metres, which is seldom noted but is really excellent. These timepieces actually wear much smaller than those ominous 44.7 mm x 40 mm specifications in black and white (possibly due to their not insignificant height for quartz digital of 12.5mm).

There are several functions, including an alarm, date, day of the week, stopwatch, hours, minutes, seconds, am/pm, and an electro-luminescent back light. That will keep you occupied learning for a while, and at $79.00 (down from $120), it's a good deal of fun.

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