The Necessary Information Regarding Michael Kors Watches

Michael Kors: A Brief History

Michael Kors is a well-known clothing label that first appeared in 1981. Michael Kors, a prominent name in the world of high fashion, started this label under his own name to produce trendy accessories and garments.

Michael Kors has successfully introduced many collections of clothing, accessories, jewellery, and footwear. The company has been so successful at growing that it now has stores in most of the world's most illustrious metropolises.

Michael Kors teamed up with the Fossil Group in 2004 to launch a number of new product lines. Since then, the company has begun making timepieces. Following the signing of a licencing agreement, the production and distribution of Michael Kors watches shifted to the Fossil Group.

Therefore, the Fossil Group designs, manufactures, and distributes Michael Kors watches, among many other watch brands. Obviously, Michael Kors is involved in the process and oversees it directly.

Reputation of Michael Kors Timepieces

As was previously mentioned, a Michael Kors watch is really just a rebranded Fossil model.

The Fossil group manufactures timepieces for a wide variety of well-known designers, such as Adidas, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, DKNY, Amani Exchange, and many more.

Fossil has a long history of making reliable timepieces. They have maintained a consistent quality while keeping their prices low.

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Michael Kors watches are both mechanical and quartz, and both are manufactured by the company. Higher-end mechanical watches would have precise movements and other components made in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, or Japan.

Quartz movements in Michael Kors watches are reliable and require little maintenance. These watches are well-known for their reasonable prices and long-lasting reputations. As expected, they pale in comparison to the work of renowned watchmakers.

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