The Orient M-Force Diver SEL03001D Watch is an all-time favourite.

The large, hefty diver has some oddities, but it is stylish, functional, and has a brilliantly adaptable bracelet. Even now, I enjoy donning it. It's one of the most costly timepieces Orient makes, and it's definitely the best of their diving models. The M-Force Diver is a newer model, however it falls somewhere in the price range between the pricier Saturation Diver and the more affordable options from Orient.

You can choose between blue, black, or orange for the dial of an M-Force watch. The blue version I'm critiquing is the SEL03001D, if you're curious. Comfortable to wear all day, the 46mm steel case width isn't too bulky. Additionally, Orient timepieces are, in general, very pleasant to wear (at least mine). The M-casing Force's is an innovative take on the design of its predecessor. The bezel design is a little bit out there, but it still has the modern vibe that Orient was going for. It's kind of funny to turn it around. It operates nicely, although the clicks are quite distinct. The crown is located at 4 o'clock, and Orient has added a beautiful crimson O-ring to it.

The case features both brushed and polished sections. This is continued onto the bracelet, which is primarily matte with a few narrow polished stripes running horizontally. The metal bracelet is uncomplicated in design but has a pleasant, familiar feel due to its width and relative thinness. Simple solutions are often the most effective. The Saturation Diver's signature ratcheting deployment clasp isn't included on the M-Force model (that I love). It has a great deal of fine-tuning flexibility because to this capability. The M-Force, on the other hand, features a tried-and-true fold-over clasp with three separate locking mechanisms. With such dependable features as a folding latch and a push-button release, you can rest assured that it will always open and close smoothly. My favourite thing about Japan is that they have figured out how to make cheap parts that are manufactured elsewhere function better than pricey parts that are made elsewhere.

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The watch case is water resistant to a depth of 200 metres, significantly less than its more robust sibling's 300 metres. Most people should be satisfied with it. On the reverse, it says "Air Diver," in contrast to the more expensive piece's "saturation diver" designation. A sapphire crystal protects the face of the watch. But augmented reality coating would be great.

The M-Force is powered by an automatic Orient calibre 40N5A movement. To reaffirm, Orient does conduct its own affairs in Japan. Similar motion can be seen in the Saturation diver. The clock, date, and power reserve indicator are all displayed in the same format and share the same components. Since it is a relatively new model, the M-Force has a superior movement that can switch between automated and hand-winding. Orient automated mechanisms from before now did not allow for manual winding. The day has come where they do. What's more, this new iteration adds a hack seconds function that was, if memory serves, missing from the earlier versions.

The battery reserve indicator has never bothered me too much on the dial because of the way it is laid out. The dial of the M-Force is practical and attractive without being a showcase of groundbreaking design. Your hands and big, applied hour indications are both coated in luminescent material. My only criticism is that I think Orient might have made a better effort to differentiate the hour and minute hands. The use of contrasting colours is tasteful, and the large Orient emblem catches my eye.

The M-Force is an excellent timepiece for the price. Orient is a company that takes great pleasure in its affordability, so you'll never have to worry about not getting your money's worth. Compared to more expensive Swiss options, these items may seem less sturdy, but they are much more affordable. The M-Force lineup features sporty and entertaining designs with a serious purpose. They are pleasant to wear and seem sturdy enough to take a beating while still looking good. While Orient diving watches share a similar temperament to those made by Seiko, they have a more classically inspired aesthetic than those made by Seiko, which typically incorporate entertaining and modern notions.

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