The Top-Selling Watches by Tissot

There is a watch for every wrist in today's market, thanks to the extensive selection offered by Tissot. Classic automatic mechanical movements, quartz, and even solar-powered Tissot watches are all available. Watches by Tissot come in a wide range of styles and possibilities, from different metals (such as stainless steel, gold, titanium, and dual-tone) to various dial colours, materials, and bracelet choices, and this is true even within individual collections.


Putting on a watch from Tissot's T-Classic line will make your wrist feel like it's being adorned with a piece of jewellery. The design inspiration for these pieces comes straight from the archives of the Swiss watchmaker Tissot, and as the name suggests, they are a tribute to the timelessness of the brand's signature classic look. The T-Classic is a timeless timepiece that can be dressed up or down with ease. These sophisticated timepieces are a staple accessory for both men and women in the business world. What really sets apart the T-Classic line, though, is the collection's adaptability; you needn't worry about looking out of place if you forget to take off your watch on the weekend.


Chronographs, the subtle Tissot Gentleman collection, the stoic Chrono XL Classic line, and more make up the men's selection. Mixed metals (such as stainless steel and gold) are used in the construction of the timepieces in the T-Classic line for women. In particular, the luxurious Flamingo ladies line and the Le Locle series of wristwatches (with the Powermatic 80 movement capable of an 80-hour power reserve) are two of our favourites from this brand.


Many of Tissot's most lavish watches can be found in the brand's T-Gold series, which caters to people with more disposable income to lavishly waste. Tissot strikes the perfect blend between great quality and reasonable prices, and that's why we love them so much. Tissot's motto, "gold value at silver's price," encapsulates the spirit of the T-Gold line and the company's dedication to making high-quality watches within the reach of a wider audience.


To that end, what do we think is most notable about the T-Gold series? The Tissot Bridgeport Automatic Gold Watch features a bezel made of 18k rose gold and one of the top automatic calibres with in-house chronograph capabilities in the business. Watches like the Tissot Goldrun or the Tissot T-My Lady, both part of this refined line-up, would never be looked down upon by us.

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Tissot, as you should now know, boasts a history that extends back more than 160 years and is immensely rich in both tradition and significance. Tissot wanted to pay tribute to some of its most recognisable designs, so the company produced updated versions of their old timepieces for a new generation of watch enthusiasts. Such watches, like the Tissot Heritage Navigator, combine the best features of vintage timepieces with those of current timekeeping instruments. The T-Heritage series also includes the Heritage 1973 models and the much-loved anniversary Visodate watches, as well as the Porto, which is easily recognisable because to its tonneau-shaped casing.

Tissot Heritage Watch


Tissot has a rich history in the sporting world (think of the PRS 516 watch, which was inspired by a famous race car) and currently sponsors several of the world's best athletes. However, Tissot's ties to the sports business were enhanced when the company was named the Official Timekeeper for MotoGP, leading to the launch of the T-Sport watch collection. The latest generation of the PRS 515 is part of this illustrious collection; it boasts a brake-disc-style bezel, a date magnifier, and a super-accurate quartz movement, among other innovations.

 Tissot T-Sport Watch

Innovative, highly technical, functional, and fashionably designed, Tissot's T-Sport chronograph watches boast colourful dials and sporty straps with an athletic vibe. Since Tissot is the Official Timekeeper of the NBA, the T-Sport collection also features a number of specially designed timepieces that reflect the values of the game of basketball. The SuperSport versions can be identified by their black tachymeter bezels, which, in conjunction with the chronograph dials, can be used to calculate both average speed and distance travelled.


Tissot T-Touch watch

The invention of the T-Touch by Tissot—the first touchscreen wristwatch—was a watershed moment for the luxury watch industry. The T-Touch has a compass, altimeter, barometer, chronograph, and more, all controlled via a sapphire crystal touch screen that serves as the watch's interactive cockpit. Tissot has equipped these watches with titanium and stainless steel to give them a durable, industrial look and feel. In addition, Tissot engineered these wristwatches to endure harsh environments.

The Tissot Expert Solar watch, a solar-powered update on the original T-Touch, has become the brand's best-known timepiece in recent years. In addition to the T-Race Touch, which features a chronograph accurate to the hundredth of a second, and the T-Touch Expert, which features a built-in thermometer and is ideal for mountaineers, Tissot offers a number of other T-Touch watches.

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