Timex Watches are Recognizable and Modern

In 1950, Timex debuted with the V-Conic, a mass-produced wristwatch that was both inexpensive and highly acclaimed for its durability. This idea was driven home by Timex Watch's infamous "torture tests," an advertising campaign in which watches were put through conditions that would have rendered them useless in the past, such as being frozen, shaken violently, strapped to the blade of a motorboat, and more.

The phrase "takes a licking and keeps on ticking" originated with this advertisement. After the success of its, Timex watches around the world in the 1960s, the United States Time Corporation officially became the Timex Corporation in 1969. 

Timex kept on being a frontrunner in the watch industry by constantly improving and expanding. Timex introduced the Ironman, a digital watch made specifically for athletes, in the middle of the 1980s. It surpassed all others to become the number-one-selling wristwatch in the sports industry. Timex still uses the ingenious Indiglo technology that made turning on the watch a blast for kids in the 1990s. 

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Current Day Timex offers an extensive product line that reflects their lengthy existence. Recently, though, the company has shown a refreshing willingness to embrace its history by remaking some of its most recognisable watches. Timex's first new mechanical watch since the 1980s, the 34mm Marlin, was released in 2017. Timex's massive success has led to an increase in demand for mechanical and vintage-style watches, which has increased the brand's collectibility. 

This is why we're thrilled to stock Timex at our Windup Watch Shop. We're excited to be able to provide you Timex's expanding mechanical lineup and vintage finds, both of which have been curated with an unrivalled eye for value.

Hand-Woven Marlin Timex Watch

It's unnecessary to give a background on the Marlin at this time (also because I mentioned it just a paragraph ago). This hand-wound mechanical timepiece from the 1960s looks almost identical to the original. You wouldn't be blamed for thinking it was an antique thanks to the watch's enormous domed acrylic crystal, which sits atop a domed dial bearing highly styled lettering. As of right now, you may get a Marlin in three different colours: the traditional black and silver, both perfect for formal occasions, and a stunning blue. 

Series Q  Reissue Timex Watch

Quartz movements were a game-changer in the watch industry when they were introduced. The next generation of wristwatches owes much to their precision and durability. Timex, always one to be on the cutting edge of watch technology, began including quartz movements and digital displays in their watches in the early 1970s. Instead of trying to hide the quartz ticker inside, Timex proudly displayed it with a big Q on the dial. 

The inspiration for the Q Timex Reissue came from one of these pioneering quartz wristwatches from 1979. The watch is quite fashionable for the time period thanks to its exotic design and slim, 38mm barrel body. The Q is a colourful and practical sport watch with a 12-hour bezel in two colours for monitoring a second time zone and a display inspired by diving watches with huge lume plots and bold hands.

Falcon Eye Reissue Q

The Falcon Eye is a fancier, two-toned variant of the aforementioned timepiece. The longer, bezel-less casing with a few gold accents gives it an even more recognisable '70s aesthetic. The Falcon Eye has a one-of-a-kind demeanour, full of confidence and swagger, thanks to its strong metallic blue dial with a wavy texture and attached gold accents. The Falcon Eye is an ideal discussion piece.

Timex Watch  Digital T80

Time for the Timex T80, cue up the nearest New Order album. The T80 is the brand's ode to its pioneering digital timepieces, featuring a squared-off case style and big digits reminiscent of a calculator. The T80s are still fully-featured digital timepieces, including a date display, an alarm, a stopwatch, and an indiglo backlight.

Those who have seen the originals will find these to be a nostalgic throwback. Those who don't should know that these are just retro-styled digital watches that are lots of fun to wear. They come in a variety of colours and metal finishes, including black, silver, and gold.

 Automatic Classic From Waterbury

The Waterbury Automatic is proof that not everything needs to be a relic from the past. These Miyota-powered watches come in a 40mm case size and are perfect for everyday wear. The Waterburys are classic, versatile timepieces that can be dressed up or down thanks to their simple, white or black dials with large numerals and slim pencil hands.

The Waterbury is a great example of the type of watch for which Timex is recognised; it can be worn anywhere, including the office, the house, or on the weekend. Both the black and white versions of the watch feature analogue displays, with the black version featuring a steel mesh band and the white version including a gator-patterned leather strap.

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