Top-Selling Models of Citizen's Wristwatches

As the winner of the Watch Brand of the Year award for the past four years running, Citizen is a household name in the watch industry. Due to the overwhelming success of their solar-powered Eco-Drive technology, the vast majority of their newest timepieces incorporate this innovative feature.

Citizen watches may be a good choice if you want a high-tech accessory that will last for a long time and won't let you down. Here are 5 of Citizen's most popular watches right now. Tell us which one you liked most in the usual comments section.

Eco-Drive: A Brief Explanation

The bulk of Citizen's current collection is equipped with their eco-friendly Eco-Drive movement. A quartz movement is charged and powered by light, any light, thanks to this technology. With a wide variety of fashionable options, Citizen is a frontrunner among solar-powered wristwatch manufacturers. 

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1. Citizen Analog Solar Date Display CA4348-01E Watch

This fashionable Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph watch tops our list of best-selling Citizen watches for men. This watch for men has a 44mm diameter and is designed with a 13mm thick stainless steel case. An adjustable strap made of genuine leather with buckle closure completes the package.

This Citizen watch is equipped with Eco-Drive technology, a chronograph that measures time down to 1 second, luminous hands and numerals for use in low-light settings, and a water resistance of 100 meters.

2. Eco-Drive Promaster BN0151-09L Watch

Here we have another Citizen timepiece, this time one of their best-selling Promaster models. This Citizen watch for men has a 42mm diameter and a 12mm thick stainless steel case. It pairs splendidly with the clasp-fastening PU strap in a deep blue hue.

The Citizen Promaster is designed to be read in low light, therefore the watch's hands and hour markers are both big and coated with lume so that they stand out clearly. The watch is great for divers because of its big unidirectional bezel and water resistance of 200 meters.

3. Citizen BM8240-03E Gents Dress Watch

This next Citizen Eco-Drive Watch might be perfect for you if you're in the market for a dress watch. Featuring a sleek black face with silver-toned hands and hour markers, it exudes a timeless elegance. At the 3 o'clock position, there is a little day and date display that should be useful.

Citizen BM8240-03E

This watch is on the more compact side, with a diameter of just 36mm and a thickness of just 8mm, making it a slim model. The watch is powered by Citizen's Eco-Drive technology and features an accurate quartz movement.

4. Eco-Drive Chronograph AT4007-54E Men's Watch

In my opinion, this collection is among the greatest Citizen watches available for less than $500. This timepiece measures 42mm in diameter and 13mm thick; it is made of black stainless steel. The 24mm wide band is coated in black and secured with a secret double push-release clasp that folds over.


Eco-Drive Chronograph AT4007-54E

This watch has many helpful functions, including a radio-controlled timekeeping mechanism, a perpetual calendar, chronograph timekeeping, an alarm, and a display for multiple time zones across the world. Because it syncs with an atomic clock via radio transmission, this watch guarantees precise timekeeping.

If a watch has a lens made of high-quality sapphire crystal glass, that's fantastic because it offers excellent scratch prevention. This high-end Citizen watch is rated at 200 meters of water resistance.

5. Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT4008-51E Men's Watch 

Fifth on the list is another Citizen timepiece, this one similar to the number four pick. It is a top-tier radio-controlled watch. That's why it comes equipped with the same fantastic features and instruments as its predecessor watch. In addition to being one of the most precise watches available thanks to its atomic timekeeping, a power reserve indicator, and a rating of 200 meters of water resistance, the watch also features Eco-Drive technology.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph AT4008-51E


Citizen's popularity has skyrocketed thanks to this series, which frequently appears on best-seller and must-have lists online. I think it's a steal at that price, which is much under US$ 800.

6. The Citizen Navihawk AT JY8030-83E Eco-Drive Watch

One of the most popular Citizen watches is the Navihawk, which is a pilot's watch. It's a very fantastic piece of equipment that can be used in many different ways. The Navihawk's housing is composed of stainless steel, and it has a diameter of 46mm and a thickness of 15.5mm. Remember that this is a big, bulky timepiece that will undoubtedly draw attention to your wrist.

The Navihawk, like other Citizen watches, is powered by natural light thanks to the use of Eco-Drive technology. This watch is among the most precise on the market because of its atomic timekeeping.

The Citizen Navihawk has additional features such as a multi-alarm function, stopwatch, lap timer, and a water resistance rating of 200 meters.

7. Citizen Titanium Eco-Drive BM7170-53L Men's Watch

We believe this to be the first titanium watch produced by Citizen. Titanium is a superior material for timepieces since it is both strong and lightweight, unlike stainless steel. While titanium watches tend to be more expensive, this particular model provides exceptional value for the money.

Citizen Eco-drive BM7170-53L

This Citizen Eco-drive BM7170-53L watch is fantastic, especially with the blue honeycomb pattern on the dial. The lume isn't only on the face of the clock; it's also on the hands and the hour markers so you can read them in the dark. This timepiece is equipped with sapphire crystal glass that is highly resistant to scratches. And an Eco-Drive technology-driven Japanese quartz movement.

8. The Citizen AW1410-08E is an analog quartz Eco-Drive watch for men.

The AW1410-08E is a great option if you want a Citizen Eco-Drive watch with a large and legible display. You can read the time even in low light thanks to the lume coating on the big numerals and the broad hands. A date window can be found at the 3 o'clock position.

Powered by Citizen's eco-friendly quartz Eco-Drive technology, this watch won't break the bank. The mineral crystal glass lens provides reasonable protection against scratches and breakage. This model has an impressive 200m of water resistance.

9. Citizen Classic BM8240-11A Men's Watch

This Citizen watch is a good option if you'd rather not stray too far from the norm. Roman numeral hour markings and thin hands are typical of vintage watches. The case is 36mm in diameter and 9mm thick, making it a standard size for classic wristwatches.

Even though it's an analog watch, this Citizen model also takes advantage of cutting-edge Eco-Drive solar technology, giving you the best of both worlds.

10. Citizen Satellite Wave-World Time CC3005-85E Watch

This high-end timepiece is the last entry on our list of the best Citizen watches for men this year. It has a variety of useful additions, such as Eco-Drive technology. This Citizen timepiece is larger than others, with a diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 13mm thanks to its stainless steel case.


Citizen CC3005-85E

This Citizen watch is particularly precise because it employs GPS-based timekeeping technologies with global reception to provide atomic timekeeping and the industry's fastest accessible updates. It shows time in up to 40 different time zones and includes 27 different cities in its world time display.

And as I would expect from a timepiece of this caliber, the sapphire crystal glass lens provides the highest level of scratch resistance. The vast majority of people won't need more than 100 meters of water protection. 

If you've made it this far, we appreciate your interest in our picks for the top male-oriented Citizen watches. I was wondering what you thought of the solar watches by Citizen.

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