Four Reliable Substitutes for the Expensive G-Shock

Prices for Casio G-Shocks range from the low $70s to well into the thousands for the most expensive models with a full metal case. You might not want to spend that much on a beater, after all. Don't lose hope, now. I've compiled a list of excellent choices that can be had for as little as twenty dollars (USD) or twenty pounds (GBP).

Even though these G-Shock knockoffs don't have the patented shock-resistance feature, they are all sturdy in their own right, and many of them have a similar chunky design to the original G-Shocks.

As cheap as chips, the CASIO W-218H

The W-218H is the least expensive option. This one looks a lot like the popular G-Shock 'Square' DW-5600, and it's tough enough to last through most crises. Although it is slightly smaller than the original, at 42.5mm wide by 47.5mm end to end, it is still on the large side and may not be suitable for those with smaller wrists or who prefer more compact jewellery. It should fit comfortably even on bigger wrists.

The resin strap isn't going to win any design awards, but it's easily adjustable and looks more expensive thanks to a textured top surface. The lighting is also very good, so reading it in dim conditions is not an issue. Because of the screen's size, it is legible even in direct sunlight.

The 50m water resistance isn't great if you like to swim, but it's adequate for dealing with wet conditions, taking a shower, or washing the dishes. The W-218H is currently available for just $20-$25, so its drawbacks don't seem so bad, right?

Super Illumination CASIO W-735H

With a 100m water resistance, a stopwatch, a daily alarm, an automatic calendar, and a timer, the W-735H is one of the most feature-rich options in this roundup. Its rounded appearance is reminiscent of the more expensive Casio GW G-Shock models, leading some to mistake it for one of those.

This watch, like the others on the list, is relatively large at 44mm in diameter, though it expands to 48.6mm when the crown and buttons are taken into account. This one is not for those of you who have thin wrists because it is 15mm thick.

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The illumination is great and can hold its own against more expensive Casio models. The most exciting part—the price—is something I haven't even discussed yet. The W-735H can be had for as little as £35 ($40), depending on the colorway, compared to the similar GW, which starts at around $120 (£100). The W-735H's strap is one of its major flaws. It's made out of resin, which isn't the most aesthetically pleasing material. However, similar technology is used in some high-end G-Shocks, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Affordable Casio G-Shock GA-400A-9A Men's Watch

Casio is known for their G-Shock watches, their affordable, durable and stylish pieces of timekeeping precision. Casio G-Shock Analog Digital 200M Mineral Glass GA 400A 9A GA400A 9A Men's Watch is no exception to this. This watch has a black resin case with a mineral crystal dial window that provides you with good visibility and protection from shattering if the watch is dropped. The band on this particular model comes in either plain black or military green.

Budget-Friendly CASIO W-737H GX

Maybe you've always wanted a Casio GX but couldn't justify the $155 price tag. In that case, perhaps the Casio W-737H is the watch for you. It shares the same square, hardy form factor and is loaded with features: 100m water resistance, 10 years of battery life, an automatic calendar, a stopwatch, daily alarms, and more.

There are currently a few colour options for the W-737H, including black, red, blue, and yellow; however, the grey model is the most popular. Similar to the GX line, this one is on the bulky side, measuring 46.6mm across and around 54mm in length. The others on the list are thicker, so this one is probably meant for those of you with average or larger wrists.

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